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Who is LITO MVP?

I was born and raised in DADE COUNTY, better known to the world as MIAMI FLORIDA. I ran the streets most of my life and came into contact with a studio my lil'bro had set up in his mama back room while he was on house arrest, around that time I was only ''16'' even though I love music, I never really took it serious I was too busy getting money and running the streets, everything was good!!

Unitl I caught myself laying on a bunk facing a LIFE SENTENCE on a 1st Degree Attempted Murder Charge awaiting trial. After years of thinking about how i'm gone get my life back together when I get released,(if I ever get released) it hit me ''MUSIC''..... I am now CEO of ''Music Voices People'', I have 3 artist which are my future projects, I have built relationships with certain people who I felt can enhance my music career and are still close to my circle till this day.

I built this label ground up puting it all together piece by piece planning and excuting every step of the way. I've made music all around the states and have fans all over the world but have yet to release a project I have camera man, graphic designers, engineers, producers, who truly believe in me and are of one of the biggest movements your going to witness hit Miami, FL and on to the rest of the world Music Voices People....

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